Research Justification


Research Topic: Relationships

Chosen Area of Focus: The relationships between classmates in SST

1)Framing our research topic
We are researching on how the bonds between classmates can be further strengthened. We have also found out that boys actually perform better in their studies in a mixed school, and worse in all boys school, while girls tend to perform better in an all-girls school and not as well in a mixed school.

2)Reasons for choice of topic
Relationships in the school are usually misunderstood or students are anti-social. Even though in SST we have around 20-25 people in each class, there would still be some people who go off in their own cliques, or own worlds, and are very antisocial, and don’t really want to socialize with other people in their own class that we don’t really hang out with.

3)Feasibility of the research
The feasibility of the research is very convenient, because we can just send out surveys/documents to everyone in SST, so that we can gather information easily.

4)Manageability of the research
Research will have to be credible and accurate and sources must be acknowledged. Group members would also have to be responsible and carry out the different tasks assigned to them.

5)Accessibility of the information required
We can send out surveys to everyone in SST via email very quickly and gather the information that we need to conduct our research.


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