Thursday, July 18, 2013

Relationships mindmap

My research interest(Joanna)

Topic: Relationships

Research Title: The relationship between classmates

Research Question: Why are some classmates so close while others are so distant?

My Research Interest (Kellie)

Topic: Relationships

Research Title: Relationships among peers

Research Question: How bonded are people in SST?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Task 2: Our Big Idea (Relationships)

Big Idea Chosen: Relationships
  1. How bonded are the juniors and seniors in our school?
  2. How can a class be further bonded?
  3. How can everyone be silent and/or make minimal noise while someone is presenting something?
  4. How can the relationship(s) between the teachers and the students be improved?
  5. How can the relationship(s) between the students and all the staff of the school(Security guards, canteen vendors, etc.) be further improved?
  6. How can the relationship(s) between peers be made better?
  7. How can the social barriers between girls and boys be removed/lessened?
  8. How can the juniors and seniors have better(and/or longer) but less awkward conversations?